Comfort food a myth – study says

A study has proved that comfort food is a myth! Meaning? The ice-cream, chocolates, cookies you eat when you are upset are not the ones to lift your mood! Omg! Did they just prove it?! Let us have a look at the experiment that they carried out.

The experiment was conducted at University of Minnesota led by the psychologist Traci Mann. The experiment was conducted in four phases, three out of which were of similar structure. In the study, the people were asked to choose their comfort food, i.e. something that would make them feel better when they are upset or sad. They were also asked to choose the food that they liked but did not consider as their favourite food. Then in the next two schedules which were at least 1 week apart, the group was made to watch a 18-minute video which will elicit the feelings of anger, fear, anxiety and sadness. They were then asked to rate their moods.

After that they were given one of their non-comfort foods, a neutral food or nothing at all. They were then asked to sit in silence for three minutes and again rate their moods after that.

The results? The participants’ mood improved over time irrespective of what they ate or if they ate or not. The research did not take into account the amount of food consumed nor the confidence of the participants in their various comfort foods.

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This concludes that your comfort food has no magic powers to heal you. In fact, that only adds to your weight. But since this study was conducted in a lab setting, it did not consider the various stresses of real life. The researchers plan to conduct the experiment again in a different setting.