Party Finger Food by Diamonds catering

Before I go on about party finger foods, let me first tell you in brief about what exactly is this “Finger Food”. Finger foods are those which can be eaten using hands only, unlike those that can be eaten using knife,fork, spoon etc. In various cultures of the world, eating using hands is followed as a tradition, be it any kind of food. For eg the Ethiopian Culture, the Indian Culture etc.

Diamonds catering finger foods

Now that we know what are finger foods, let us move on to the types of finger foods. Basically, finger foods are either served as appetizers or main course items. Some of the popular finger foods include miniature meat pies, sausage rolls, sandwiches, cheese and olive on sticks, chicken drumsticks and many more.

Now, the exciting part, PARTY FINGER FOODS!!! Finger foods are very popular at parties. Here are some of the great ideas :

  • Chocolate covered potato chips : The crispiness of the potato chips and the ohh, so good sweetness of chocolate!!! Everyone loves both of them. And it’s combination is a flavor explosion!
  • Candy Kabobs : Put those delicious gummy candies into a skewer and you are ready to enjoy those mouth-watering, typical party foods! Colourful and various different shaped gummy candies can add to its delicious looks.
  • Crispy Chicken Bites with Wasabi Mayo : 5 minutes is more than enough to make this dish! What’s more? It’s a combination of healthy and delicious (cucumber + chicken)
    Here’s a list of more of these finger foods that can be absolutely tried out at home:
  • Shrimp Spring Rolls
  • Chocolate peanut butter balls
  • Watermelon shrimp cups
  • Tuna Salad wraps
  • Bacon wrapped potato bites with Spicy Sour cream dipping Sauce
  • Holiday Bourbon Whisky Meatballs
  • Avocado Fries with Cilantro lemon dipping Sauce
  • Mozzarella stick
  • and many more. So, go for it and try these at your party!

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