Advantages of eating prawns

We can definitely not leave out prawns when we are talking about sea food. Prawns- those delicious tasty creatures just makes our mouth water! Did you know? There’s almost no cuisine in the world that does not include prawns! One of the major reasons for this is that they are found in almost all the countries.


Prawns also have various varieties. The two major types of prawns are the smaller ones and the bigger ones. The bigger ones are known as Tiger prawns. Not only are these creatures delicious, but they are also very rich in proteins! And for all those health conscious people out there, prawns have a low fat content! They also lower the bad cholesterol. It has an ideal combination of fats and proteins which makes it suitable for good health.


Prawns are basically found in the ocean and they live upto the depth of 50 meters. They are found in rocky substrates or under the rocks or rocky crevices. Now that we know quite a lot about prawns, let me tell you the health advantages of eating them!

Selenium: Selenium helps in preventing cancer in the body and guess what? Prawns are a very rich source of selenium!.Fatty acids: Prawns are very good for heart since they contain omega-3 fatty acids. They also remove bad cholesterol which also reduces the blood pressure.


Calcium: They help your teeth and bones too as they are a rich source of calcium.Vitamin E: For the beautiful ladies reading this, prawns help in preventing skin diseases and make your skin glow because of being rich in Vitamin E.

Vitamin B12: Prawns also contain a good amount of Vitamin B12 which makes the brain sharper and also keeps up your cardiac health.  Proteins: The building blocks of our body are also present in prawns in a good amount. They also help the body cope up with the day to day wear and tear.


Calories: They are one of the best dishes for those wanting to lose weight and eat delicious. This is because they contain very less fat. Also, they need not be cooked using too much oil and spices.


With all these advantages, one is tempted to eat prawns but a word of caution: since they contain cholesterol, they should be eaten in a moderate amount.Guess what? Our very own and most favourite diamonds catering also makes delicious prawn dishes! So don’t forget to try them all out!

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