The History of the Ohh-So-Yummy Black Forest Cherry Torte

That beautiful dark brown colour, those creamy and spongy layers of cake, with a pool of red cherries on the top! Just         imagining this makes my mouth water! But who was this intelligent person who made this delicious recipe? Let’s delve         into the history and nomenclature of this delicious torte.

The recipes may vary slightly from place to place, but in general, it is a sponge cake soaked with cherry schnapps, filled      with whipped cream, cherries and chocolate shavings, and frosted with the same.



This mouth-watering recipe is named after an area of Germany called Black Forest whose main crop is cherries!

The Black Forest area, before it was named so, used to be very thick and wooded with fir and pine trees and thus it was      named so. It was ( and still is ) famous for its cuckoo clock, dark chocolates, Morello cherries and Kirsch, the double            distilled alcohol that they prepare from cherries. The famous Bollenhut hat also has the same colour combination as that      of    the torte.


There are two claims as to who made the Black Forest Cherry Torte.

  1. Josef Keller 1915

According to the pastry chef Claus Schaeffer, Josef Keller was the inventor of the cake. He was a pastry chef in the             cafe “Ahrend” in Bad Godesberg. He first created the Black Forest Cherry Cake in the year 1915. After working in the           military, Josef Keller established his own cafe in Radolfzell. August Schaeffer partnered him and learnt the art from               him from 1924 to 1927. After many years of collaboration, Joasef Keller gave August, his recipe book which was                   inherited by his son Claus Schaeffer.

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  1. Erwin Hildenbrand of Cafe Walz 1930 ,Tübingen, Germany

A town archivist uncovered a picture showing pastry chef Erwin Hildenbrand, making a Black Forest Cherry Cake.

Guess what? There’s even a festival that celebrates this cake, in Germany!

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