Top Rated Party Appetizers

Appetizers are the food that is served before the main course. They are often used to sustain guests when there is an extended period between the arrival of the guests and serving the food. Now that we know the exact meaning and purpose of the appetizers, lets move on to the list of foods that can be included in appetizers.

  1. Bruschetta
  2. Canapés
  3. Caviar
  4. Cold cuts
  5. Crudités
  6. Deviled eggs and many more


But, for our rocking parties we need some rocking appetizers, right? And we have some rocking appetizers for you! Let’s have a look.

  1. Orange Chipotle Spiced Pecan Mix :   These delicious crunchies can be munched during your favourite football or cricket match.
  2. Mini Corn Bread Crab Cakes with Lemon-Caper Sauce : These little, easy to make, gems are sure to rock your party.
  3. Crostini with Gorgonzola, Caramelized onions, and FIg Jam : This recipe is a delicious combination of various flavours; the sweetness of figs, the savoury sweetness of onions, and the pungent kick of Gorgonzola cheese.
  4. Date, Walnut and Blue Cheese Ball : To bring your cheese ball up a notch, you can top it with the earthiness of the fresh flat-leaf parsley. Crackers, bread or veggies would add up to the deliciousness of this dish.
  5. Windowpane Potato Chips : Along with the assorted herbs, this simple and elegant appetizer is sure to gain you praises for your cooking skills.

These and many more appetizers would serve the best and make your party rocking! So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start preparing them for your upcoming part

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