Mouth-watering dips: Part 1

It’s no fun to converse at a party without a tit-bit of munching and better yet, when accompanied by the delicious dips. To make your conversations more interesting, presenting, some deliciously mouth-watering dips. Go on and choose your favourite.

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    1. Bread Bowl Dip – Some dishes make you want to lick the dish clean. Here’s one of them, but the best part is, you can even eat the dish!
    2. Chip Dip – One of the best choices while watching the finals! The old but delicious dip in a wholly new, with a lot less fat and a lot more delicious!
    3. Six Layer Dip- Choose your favourite among the variety of flavours in this single dip.
    4. Fruit Dip – For all the health conscious people out there, here’s your favourite, healthy yet delicious!
    5. Tex Mex Dip – Packed with zesty flavours and beautiful texture, this one is sure to impress your guests at the party.
    6. Seafood dip – For those who love seafood, this one’s for you! You can garnish it with veggies or crackers.
    7. Cucumber Dill Dip – The Pennsylvania Dutch flavours accompanied with Dill and cucumber are the tastiest thing you can ever imagine!
    8. Reuben Dip – This dip offers you the great taste of the deli, Reuben Sandwich! The traditional Reuben flavours, here, are presented to you in the form of a dip, which makes it utterly irresistible.
    9. Quick Guacamole- The only stuff you need would be ripe avocados and some basic things, and voila! you are ready to whip up this delicious, homemade dip. You’ll surely wonder why did you ever bring the ready-made dips when you can prepare this tasty dip yourself! Catering in Campbelltown


  • Spinach Artichoke Dip – We generally find this dip in chain restaurants and of course, we just adore it! But did you know, you can easily relish them at home at almost half the price, and what more you can have as much as you want!


Hope you would have found our list of tasty dips interesting and the good news is, there are many more coming. Keep reading!

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