Valentine’s Day Dinner

Romantic and engaging dinner recipes for a special dinner that will relieve you from all day to cook. Nice ideas to permit you to celebrate a la mode with stripped-down fuss.


Beef Hearts and Pink Potatoes : Beef hearts with pink tater, inexperienced beans and beetroot – a good main for a straightforward St Valentine’s Day dinner.

Easy Champagne Italian rice : Impress your guests with this simple Italian rice seasoned with slightly of champagne! Elegant and engaging.

Grilled Oysters with cheese : Grilled oysters square measure placed on kitchen appliance cooked baguette slices with molten cheese. Makes a perfect entree or elegant victuals.

Calamari dish : This is a good tapas or appetizer for a flowery party. Ensure you get terribly contemporary squid and serve with crusty bread and smart vegetable oil for dipping.


Salt & state Pepper Squid : This is a delicious and straightforward formula for squid. Gently coated in ocean salt and pepper then deep-fried just right. Excellent for a hot summer’s meal served with a contemporary garden dish.

Hot salad : This is a good dish to serve at the board as a result of the chicken and bacon square measure extra hot with a sizzle! Delicious.

Heart Carrots : Nothing says “I love you” like veggies! These heart formed carrots may be employed in “get well” soups, warming stews, or as an aspect. During this formula they’re going to be honey candied carrots.

 Filo fish parcels with lemon-spring onion sauce : The flaky filo pastry keeps the fish damp and delicious. For a nicer presentation, cut every parcel in 0.5 at associate angle before putting on sauce.


 Roast Leg of Lamb with Fig and balsamy Sauce : When you roast a leg of lamb bang properly! This stuffed leg incorporates a filling of prunes, currants, almonds and herbs and is finished with a balsamy honey sauce.

 Fennel and bush Italian rice : This is a wonderful rice dish which will be served either as a main or entremets. It uses lemon and contemporary herbs for its special style.

Veal in fortified wine Wine : Thin and tender meat cutlets, dusted in flour then bronzed just right. Simmered with mushrooms and fortified wine till it melts in your mouth. Enjoy.

Chicken fortified wine with fettuccini : This flash chicken dinner is crumbed deformity with onions, three varieties of mushrooms, poached in a very creamy fortified wine sauce and served with buttered fettuccini.

Sweet Tomato Indian relish Pork Chops : Pork and fruit go therefore well along, do this formula for pork chops that square measure topped  with zesty home-baked tomato Indian relish.

Coconut hot pepper Salmon : This is a perfect meal for a special day or as a period of time treat. Salmon fillets square measure cooked in coconut milk seasoned with sweet hot pepper sauce and contemporary herbs for a very easy however flavorsome meal for 2.

Red Wine balsamy cut of meat : Only four ingredients, as well as the steak! An easy and straight forward wine and balsamy reduction is that the excellent end to the present simple dinner.

Duck with Honey, Soy and Ginger : These duck breasts square measure the nicest I’ve ever poached. You will find yourself putt your knife and fork down between mouthfuls. And it is also terribly fast and intensely simple to form. I relish serving these duck breasts with roast seasonal vegetables.

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