Delicious way to use up your leftover chili

You know if one thing tastes rattling simply on its own like chili will, it’s getting to style even higher once it’s heaped on high of basic dishes sort of a burger, fries, eggs and food.Chili and liquefied cheese, anyone? These are well known favorite food of Americans. I really like dishes created with chili and cheese. However regarding initiating your day with associate omelets munificently flat-topped with chili and cheese? This can be actually one amongst my favorite things to form for breakfast.


And if you wish to form the direction even easier, simply scramble the eggs and pile the chili and cheese on high. Good thanks to get your time off to a decent begin.Chili and cheese omelet direction.A heavenly chili omelet with liquefied cheese within and out and flat-topped with fresh tomatoes may be a rattling thanks to get your time off to a decent begin.


Serves 2:-Prep time: five minutes | Cook time: quarter-hour | Total time: twenty minutes


  • 6 eggs, beaten
  • 3 tablespoons milk
  • 3 teaspoons butter
  • 3 dashes salt
  • 4 dashes ground black pepper
  • 1 cup cut store cheese
  • 1 cup cut Monterey Jack cheese
  • 2 cups leftover chili, heated
  • 2 Roma tomatoes, chopped
  • 1 onion, sliced, for garnish



  1. To a medium-size bowl, add the eggs and milk. Whisk along.
  2. Heat a large-size frying pan on low to medium heat, and add the butter.
  3. Tilt the frying pan to maneuver the liquefied butter round the bottom of the pan, and so add the eggs.
  4. because the eggs square measure slowly preparation, use a spatula to carefully move the eggs preparation on the skin edges of the pan toward the center of the pan so a number of the raw egg will flow to the skin edges to cook. Once this has been done a handful of times, flip the warmth to low, and canopy the pan.
  5. Let the eggs cook with the lid on for regarding three or four minutes, then high the eggs equally with 1/2 the cheese.
  6. employing a spatula, fastidiously flip one facet of the eggs in toward the opposite to make associate omelet.7. Cowl the pan with a lid, and still cook till the eggs square measure totally medium.
  7. Serve whereas hot. High with the heated chili and remaining cheese. The cheese ought to soften from the heat of the chili, or the serving plates will be place within the microwave for simply enough time to soften the cheese.
  8. Garnish with tomatoes and onion.

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For those times after you cannot decide the format of chili or food — why not make them each into one delicious dish. It could not be easier to form. simply boil the pasta, and serve it with chili heaped high on high. And since it is a semi-Italian dish, sprinkle some grated Parm on high. Then dig in.

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