Some Food And Drinks To Make A Special Occasion Memorable

No birthday celebration, anniversary, or any other special occasion is ever complete without the perfect food and drinks to go with it. Unless the food is delicious and memorable, it is highly unlikely that you will ever feel satisfied. It is a great way to get out of your mundane daily routines and really have a pleasurable day.

food and drinks

Many of you have your favourite menu which you cannot have regularly due to health concerns. However, a special occasion is a time to indulge. So forget about all restrictions for a day and make your day memorable with sumptuous food and some great drinks.

For those of you who love experimenting, here are some ideas which you can try out. You can either grab recipe books and prepared these by yourself or just hop into a restaurant to save time.

Start the day with a Mexican-style breakfast

Mexican food is known for its spices and is the perfect thing to get you going early in the morning. We especially like the Simple Chilaquiles with Fried Eggs and Huevos Rancheros, both of which are quite easy to make. You can also try out Mexican Crullers (Churros) and Ranch-Style Eggs with Chorizo and Tomato-Red Chile Sauce


An Italian lunch

If you’re a non-vegetarian and love experimenting, then we strongly recommend that you try out Italian cuisine for lunch. Italian food is known for its taste and variety. You can head to an Italian restaurant for lunch. Start with the Chicken Orzo Soup and Sautéed, Prosciutto Wrapped Mozzarella as appetisers. We recommend trying the Chopped Antipasti Salad and Grilled Salmon Salad too.


For the main course, you can try out a variety of pizza that are available. Try out pizza toppings that you have never had a chance to experiment with before. This will add to the fun and who knows you might get a new favourite too!

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If you don’t fancy Italian food, then we would advise you to try out some Cornish pasties, a traditional favourite of Cornwall. It is a mixture of beef, potato, turnip and onion seasoned with salt and pepper. For the vegetarians, however, we suggest a slightly different menu. You can try out a Lincolnshire Poacher pie or a vegetarian Cornish pasty.



Another great way to make the special occasion memorable is to have a barbecue party. Grab some choicest pork, beef, fish or meat and your barbecue grill and get started. However, being primarily an outdoor activity, remember to check the weather before you make plans for a barbecue. If it rains while the barbecue is in progress, it will be a disaster



When you have so much of food, you will naturally feel thirsty. Buy some nice cold beer and some high-quality wines to go with the food throughout the day. Remember to go for some good quality drinks only. Buying drinks, which don’t taste as per your expectations is not only going to spoil your mood but may even spoil the fun of the occasion.

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