Some Food And Beverages That You Can Enjoy In A Party Without Feeling Guilty About Harming Your Health

Are you a fitness freak who finds it difficult to find a food as per your liking in a cocktail party? If yes, then read on. Today we will talk about some foods which are low-calorie and healthy. These taste awesome and are liked by many partygoers around the world. Include these in the menu and you will not have to restrict your enjoyment anymore. So, merrily eat them to your heart’s content and make the cocktail party a memorable event for yourself.

harming health

A. Vegetarian

  • Salsa
    This Mexican food is a favourite of ours. It offers several options of dips and is popular in many countries around the world. Salsa is made of tomatoes, lime and peppers, and are rich in vitamin A and C, and are full of fibre. If you want a tangy and delicious food with amazingly low calories, it has to be salsa.


  • Baked crispy mozzarella sticks

This is a fun recipe that is worth trying out. Mozzarella sticks are baked to make a crispy snack from them. It is served with a warm marinara sauce to make them extra tasty. Kids find this recipe delicious, and the presence of lots of calcium in this snack is great for their health too.

  • Vegetables with dip

After reading the name of the dish, you might be thinking that dip contains fat and is a serious no-no for you. Well, sometimes fat can be beneficial to the body as well. This snack includes various types of vegetables rich in vitamin A like broccoli, and the dip gives it that extra taste. The fat will help in the absorbing the vitamin A and also in digesting the food.

B. Non-vegetarian

  • Chicken Sheek kebab

This is a favourite in Asian countries as it is extremely tasty and healthy. It is prepared by marinating chicken with various ingredients and thereafter grilling it to give it a delicious taste. It is usually accompanied by various types of vegetables like capsicums and tomatoes. This dish is rich in protein and vitamins.

  • Sushi

Sushi comes from Japan and comes in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties. The base of sushi is rice cooked in vinegar. Apart from this the vegetarian sushi is made of various fruits and vegetables, and the non-veg sushi Is made of various seafood. A common variety is made of tuna. The white rice satisfies the hunger while the vegetable or seafood gives it the taste. Sushi has become popular as a party food in recent times.


  • Chicken Satay with peanut sauce dip

This is also another tasty food that can liven a party. The chicken is marinated with ginger, lime and fish sauce, skewered and grilled in medium-high heat to give it a golden shine. The dip is made of low-fat peanut butter and coconut milk.

C. Beverage


  • Red Wine

Red wine is known to possess various qualities which improve health. Consuming it can lower blood pressure and make the heart healthy. So make sure that you consume red wine in a party to give your health that extra boost.

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