Wedding Catering Trends: 5 Fresh Ideas for Your Food

It’s just one word that sums up the latest trend in wedding catering: Personalization. From signature cocktails to late-night bites, nowadays all couples are looking for incorporating their own taste into the food they serve. Today caterers are looking for all out-of-the-box ideas, as it has been found that, as people are getting gastronomically creative, the traditional three-course dinner on a Saturday night is out of the window.

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This article on how couples are feeding their wedding guests, will not only get you inspired, but justify on the modern statement: “Anything goes right now”.

Family-Style Gourmet

In the recent times, as brides and grooms are considering a family style dinner, it has been noted that the intimate and homely atmosphere in weeding dinner parties is becoming more important than the actual cuisine. With this kind of personalized catering service, large platters of foods are served to the assembled guests, who then picks and choose what suits their taste. Although you still find China on the dining tables, the informal part of this kind of service which makes it interactive is that the platters are passed around in-between the guests, who choose what they want on their plates. This style of catering service works well with Tuscan-style tables and is presently continuing as the trend.

Hyper-Local Food and Beverages

Of late fresh local vegetarian food has taken on a different spin. Incorporating local ingredients on the dinner table has become an enduring trend. Artisan catering companies also highlights on the point that, if you are sourcing vegetables locally, you might as well feature local booze. Serving craft beer at a wedding, focusing on local breweries and distilleries along with dishes like Caprese cups and spring rolls is the gastronomic style of the day.


Unique Sweets Selection

If you have a sweet tooth, and you are planning for your wedding now, remember Cakes don’t reign supreme anymore. Nowadays, couples are embracing several kinds of desserts, candy and sweets in addition to the traditional wedding cake. Cupcakes, doughnuts, pies, funnel cakes and even parfaits are all possibilities now, which are indeed more exciting than formal wedding cakes.

Late-Night Bites

After dancing and drinking for hours, there can be nothing more appreciated than a late-night snack service. Although serving sweet has become a popular guest send-off, but there are also other great options. You can rent a food-truck, which is a great option for ending the wedding party night. French fry bars, sweet potato fries, sweet carrots with different toppings are popular dishes nowadays. However, plan to set these platters at least two or three hours before the end of your wedding party.


Signature Drinks

Serving custom cocktails are a great alternative than arranging for a full bar. Signature drinks appeals to everyone. So don’t waste your money on drinks that nobody likes, instead offer two signature drinks. The bride and the groom themselves can pick their favorite potations to share.  If you run out, have wine and beer for your wedding guests. Offer the drink during the cocktail hours or throughout the wedding ceremony, if that appeals to the guests.

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