At Home Anniversary Party Ideas

Weddings are ceremonies that mark new beginnings. During this auspicious event, we get a chance to bear witness to the union of two people. What’s even better than weddings is to witness the anniversary of an old couple that has held up their vows even after 50 years. Being part of such an event will inspire and instill a sense of hope in marriage for everyone attending it.


Anniversaries can be fun to celebrate with a lot of people. If you are uncertain about where you want to celebrate it and are if you are looking for a location, our advice to you is, do it where you have shared most of your memories with your partner.  This can be your own home or even a place that you and your partner hold dear. Here some home anniversary party ideas that you can implement.

  1. In case you are celebrating your anniversary in the coming year or the next, then you can go with a retro theme party. This is an excellent idea if you got married during that era. Some of the most popular retro themes are the 60’s and the 80’s with vintage, hippie, or retro. You may or may not be able to pull it off all by yourself. So ask for help from your family or friends if you need any assistance. Most people will gladly help. If you are receiving the help of a relatively young person, you may have to show him how it was done back in the day. Retro theme parties are great as the decorations are fairly easy to find and make. You can go all in by setting the mood with retro devices like a radio with a tape player, a phonograph or gramophone records or plates put up on walls; a disco ball hung up in the lounge and posters of Marilyn Monroe.


  1. If you have photos of the memories you have created togeather, showcase them on empty walls to inspire all your guests. Be creative with how you display them. Utilizing different sizes and colors. You can even hand over wallet size pictures with a quote or lesson engraved at the back as a token of appreciation to all your guests. Since this is a memorable occasion, you can set it up exactly like your wedding reception. If possible serve the same food you had served during your wedding to bring back some of the memories.
  1. Feel youthful and let loose by reliving your youth during this occasion. You may even hire clowns and magicians as entertainment for your guests. This will be a unique experience for both you and your guests. You will even get to bond with your grandchildren and children by bringing up stories about yourself when you were around the same age as they were. If you are doing it at your own house, you will be at ease as you don’t have to worry about the cost associated with renting a place out. Also, you will have the complete authority to decorate your house however you want to.


  1. A tropical themed party is another excellent idea. Don’t worry if you don’t have access to a beach. You can bring home the beach by decorating appropriately. Beach decorations are relatively easy. Just set up umbrellas and hang up the banderitas to get the beach fiesta vibes. Fire up the grill and cook fish and other tropical meals to complete the theme. You can even stock up tropical beverages like tender coconut and serve cocktails in them.

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