Catering trends and food and event trends of 2017


Here are the newest catering trends as well as food and event trends of the year 2017 as according to Caterers Campbelltown

1. The newest trend in terms of catering is the continued use of cannabis in the events and parties. Since a number of places have legalized the use of recreational marijuana, the same has become edible.

2. A trend involving plant based cooking has also emerged in the recent times. The same is done using heirloom varieties, dinners cooked on plant leftovers, legume based pastas and much more.

3. Higher focus is being paid on all the beverages as well as their pairings. The scope is increasing for vertical tastings for both wine as well as beer.

4. Italian wines have come up to become the most highly demanding wines and everyone is asking for them.

5. Bourbon and its indulgence has become a latest trend as of the latest beverage fashion.


6. According to Caterers Campbelltown, the uses of aerialists, draping, hanging lights, green ceiling installations as well as aerialist entertainers has become the latest trend for home décor.

7. Black has become the color of the season since it leaves a formal feel in the events.

8. Another house décor trend is the use of bouquet as well as garter toss which has been surviving in the markets since quite a time.

9. The use of both band as well as DJ for the musical event is being entertained at the parties. The live bands are soothing people’s mind and further DJ is lighting them up.

10. DIY goodies and crafts have become the latest trend as well.