The History of the Ohh-So-Yummy Black Forest Cherry Torte

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Why should you call us for taking care of the food sector at your events?

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Advantages of eating prawns

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Party Finger Food by Diamonds catering

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Health benefits of eating salmon

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Comfort food a myth – study says

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Eating Well by Color, How color affects your perception of food

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Healthy Food Eating Tips By Diamonds catering

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Delicious and healthy salads by Diamond Catering

Eating best, feeling great and living perfect. At Diamond Catering we intend to assist you attain this. We serve Nutritional and healthy salads and focus to deliver food that is nutritionally stable and… Continue reading


Location plays a very important role in any business, especially with the one that is closely linked with beverage and food industry. Not all facilities are filled in one single place as there… Continue reading