How Technology Has Changed The Game In Catering.


A lot has changed in the last decade or so, from making appointments by telephone to taking orders on smart phones. There is a lot of finesse that has been added to the field of catering and caterers in campbelltown are no different. Getting the best out of catering services for both the consumers and businesses would have to include these new advancements

Creating a multichannel experience for catering services

The use of smartphones has been on the rise for a few years now, and the amount of time people spend online is quite staggering. Getting a website or an app that could cater to the needs of millennials would go a long way in making a large margin of profit in the long run. It is increasingly important to have an online presence to cater for people of the new age, as they are mostly in a hurry, and as such creating an opportunity for online food purchases would improve profits significantly. Websites have more appeal to consumers than apps, and it has been shown through studies that apps lose 90% of their users within the first ten days of opening. It is therefore important to create an optimized website while keeping in mind that high ranking sites get rewarded by Google, and low ranking sites don’t get seen at all in search engines.

Making use of food delivery marketplaces

Getting your catering services to collaborate with food delivery services like Uber Eats and Delivery Hero will make things so much easier, as it would introduce catering services to a wider audience. Private catering service will in future grow through these delivery services, but will also enlarge its business target market to restaurants and cafes thus expanding its demographic. Marketplace delivery services are pertinent and beneficial, in the sense that they take a load of from regular catering services while growing your client base, food delivery marketplaces are great for increasing online presence


Making ordering easy through online chats

Its new, it’s recent, but it’s fast catching on as the trend to watch out for. This is quite advantageous for catering services that are still trying to find their feet in the marketing scene as it provides a sort of personalized or intimate feature that ordering through a website might not have. This feature is like a drive thru, but with an online twist that can be customized with things like language translation and automated messages. Live chats are preferred by customers because they don’t have to wait for their orders, and they can ask questions of things they aren’t sure of with no wait time at all. It is also possible to change their minds before anything has been made final when using live chat on a website.

Catering can only get even more profitable and easier for clients and businesses alike, and Diamond Caterers are definitely at the top of the game and can only get better.