Seven Creative Catering Ideas For Your Wedding


Catering at any wedding involves two kinds of caterers, the one who are challenging and the one who are challenged. The former always have a plan to impress you and your guests by the way of a menu that is full of culinary twists as well as turns.
Thus, whenever it comes to hiring a catering service, it is always preferable to choose the ones who are challenging. You must also gather your own ideas so that it could help you shape up the overall menu of your wedding, thereby giving much needed direction to your caterer as well. Caterers Campbelltown brings you these seven creative ideas for catering to use them during your wedding:

1. Brunch:
A brunch menu that is stylish is always welcomes by your guests and the same also goes very easy for your catering staff to prepare and serve. This idea also serves as a very good option if your caterer is a naïve and not so inspired. Omelets and crepes paired with refreshing mimosas serve as a great option.

2. Strolling Chef Stations:
This certainly serves as a creative way using which you can make your appetizers real fun. It’s better to send all your servers and chefs into the wedding hall/lunch room to serve the appetizer for your real guests. This option also serves as the best when there is a portion of flair as to the preparation and presentation of the menu.

3. Tasting Menus:
According to Caterers Campbelltown, a multi-course tasting menu is what all you need in order to satisfy all your taste buds. This option is certainly going to wow all your guests present on your D-day. Thus, do nothing but for working with your caterer to design a lip-smacking menu comprising of some of the most delectable delicacies.

4. Mini-Drink Appetizers:
This is yet another way using which you can make a typical appetizer more fun. You are merely required to use various mini-drinks along with the best selection of the appetizers.

5. Cheese Sommerliers:
Cheese has grown out to become the newest wine in the town. Thus, instead of keeping a boring cheese platter for your guests, give a chance to a cheese sommelier to host a wonderfully tasting nation. This sommelier will guide all your guests through various profiles of cheese and you will also get to learn to pair different pairs of cheese with specific variety of wines.

6. Always prefer seasonal:
Don’t forget to ponder over the seasonal dishes while you are planning for your wedding menu. Seasonal dishes always tend to put a definite stamp on to your wedding menu. This also helps you save a lot of money as most of the seasonal food items are available in abundance and the same are easy to obtain.

7. Signature Dish:
Nothing makes a wedding menu great like a personal touch. Thus, a signature dish do the rest of the talking. A signature dish at your wedding party will certainly leave a pride of place into your wedding. You are merely required to work with your catering chef in order to develop the dish into something special. Give it a good name and rest assured.