Monthly Archive: September, 2014

Health benefits of eating salmon

Various types of fishes have been an integral part of our diet since ages. There are various fish farms as well that provide different types of fishes. Studies have suggested that in the… Continue reading

Comfort food a myth – study says

A study has proved that comfort food is a myth! Meaning? The ice-cream, chocolates, cookies you eat when you are upset are not the ones to lift your mood! Omg! Did they just… Continue reading

Eating Well by Color, How color affects your perception of food

We love to decorate our wardrobe with different colours, don’t we? How about decorating our plates with different colours too? Interesting isn’t it? Does it not increase your appetite to see a colourful,… Continue reading

Healthy Food Eating Tips By Diamonds catering

The rainy season brings along with it a mix of things including romance, long-drives, hot coffees, getting struck but also various diseases and health issues. The food spoils easily and mosquitoes make it… Continue reading