Monthly Archive: October, 2014

Top Rated Party Appetizers

Appetizers are the food that is served before the main course. They are often used to sustain guests when there is an extended period between the arrival of the guests and serving the… Continue reading

The History of the Ohh-So-Yummy Black Forest Cherry Torte

That beautiful dark brown colour, those creamy and spongy layers of cake, with a pool of red cherries on the top! Just         imagining this makes my mouth water! But… Continue reading

Why should you call us for taking care of the food sector at your events?

There are a number of events when we need good food, like, really good, because we are the ones hosting the event! And that is exactly what we provide!! The best food for… Continue reading

Advantages of eating prawns

We can definitely not leave out prawns when we are talking about sea food. Prawns- those delicious tasty creatures just makes our mouth water! Did you know? There’s almost no cuisine in the… Continue reading

Party Finger Food by Diamonds catering

Before I go on about party finger foods, let me first tell you in brief about what exactly is this “Finger Food”. Finger foods are those which can be eaten using hands only,… Continue reading