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How to Successfully Negotiate (and Bag) a Catering Deal

The first step to getting hired as a caterer is, of course, to get in touch with a prospective client. It’s even better if the client is the one to approach you –… Continue reading

Food Trends One Needs to Savor in Australia

Needless to mention, cuisine contributes in a large way to our experiences abroad, and many travelers take the time and effort to seek out a dish that truly captures the essence of their… Continue reading

Some Essential Qualities Of A Good Caterer

Like other professions, to be a successful caterer, one must be hard working and must have some carefully honed skills. A caterer in addition to preparing, inspecting and managing the production of food,… Continue reading

At Home Anniversary Party Ideas

Weddings are ceremonies that mark new beginnings. During this auspicious event, we get a chance to bear witness to the union of two people. What’s even better than weddings is to witness the… Continue reading

Wedding Catering Trends: 5 Fresh Ideas for Your Food

It’s just one word that sums up the latest trend in wedding catering: Personalization. From signature cocktails to late-night bites, nowadays all couples are looking for incorporating their own taste into the food… Continue reading

Tips for Planning the Perfect Birthday Bash

Children aren’t the only ones who love birthday parties – grown-ups love them too! If you have never arranged a party, you may not know where to begin. Is it enough to just… Continue reading

Party Finger Food by Diamonds catering

Before I go on about party finger foods, let me first tell you in brief about what exactly is this “Finger Food”. Finger foods are those which can be eaten using hands only,… Continue reading


Location plays a very important role in any business, especially with the one that is closely linked with beverage and food industry. Not all facilities are filled in one single place as there… Continue reading

Who can help us in managing occasions

Who can help us in managing occasions? With the current lifestyle everyone is busy with their own work that they do, not have much time to socialise. Even if on certain occasions or… Continue reading

The best catering service for your beautiful occasion

Diamonds Catering Service is a concern that was established more than 40 years ago. It is a family owned organization which was the very first mobile caterer to advertise in the Sydney Yellow… Continue reading