Food Trends One Needs to Savor in Australia

Needless to mention, cuisine contributes in a large way to our experiences abroad, and many travelers take the time and effort to seek out a dish that truly captures the essence of their destination.

Australia has always been known for its agricultural prowess and fresh produce, offering a cornucopia of culinary delights to vacationers. Now, it’s also acquiring a reputation for its adventurous mixing and matching of a variety of cultural influences.


With that in mind, here are four major food trends turned local staples that you must savor on your next trip.


Superfoods have become staple in our lives, but among the Aussies, the tendency to seek out nutrient-dense meals has become more of a lifestyle choice. Australians are increasingly taking to consume beneficial foods, be it nutrient-dense and anti-oxidizing.

Juice runs have replaced weekend bar crawls, and salad has taken the place of the good old roast on Sundays. Naturally, this has led to quite a few local restaurants catering to the highly-conscious patron. The menus at these venues too read as if a bible on super-foods.

More power to the health-conscious that comes with a lot more knowledge on nutrition and health. After all, if you look after yourself, you will surely feel and look good.

Paddock To Plate

Australia is fortunate to have a diverse landscape, shoreline and an incredible quality and variety of the produce. Australia too has embraced the wholesome habit of paddock to plate. This is in keeping up with worldwide trend of increasing awareness of sustainability, provenance and nutritional content of food. People are now concerned whether restaurants they frequent are sourcing produce ethically and supporting local producers.

The novel trend has also made it to the local dining tables with more and more seeking out venues that offer fresh, local and in-season ingredients along with information on their origins. Local appetite for the trend has been fueled by an evolving food industry and better access to information.


The long honed love affair with Asian cuisine is inescapable in Australia. And, of late, there has been a resurgence of the Asian cuisine that is far more authentic than it used to be. With people today better traveled and thus exposed to different cuisines, they are on the lookout for better products with unique flavors to enjoy even while at home.

However, their preferences are less rigorous with diners opting for meals that encapsulate flavors from every region of Asia.

America Rules

Uncle Sam’s influence has long percolated down onto the region’s food choices. Burger joints, southern-style kitchens, diner or hot dog stands, America is all prevalent.

But now it’s the turn of the humble doughnut. To be specific, gourmet doughnuts with tiers of devilishly delicious flavor combinations are taking Australia by storm.

These hand-crafted treats with ingredients such as pistachio and brown butter or crispy bacon on maple glaze are flying off the counters. However, there are healthier options for vegans and the gluten intolerant too, keeping choices light and fresh.