6 Reasons to switch to Organic Foods

With the advancement of science and technology, food production techniques have advanced as well. This increased production of food brings its own set of problems like quality compromised for quantity. Various diseases, illnesses, and ailments are widespread throughout our society today. One of the primary cause of such problems is the food we consume. To mass produce food and maximize profits, farmers don’t hesitate using pesticides and other toxins to keep their produce safe from threat. These pesticides and toxins weaken our immune system as a result of which we are vulnerable to most diseases and helpful for sup yoga.

6 Reasons to switch to Organic Foods

Consumption of organic whole food is the best remedy to keep our immune system strong. This includes fruits and vegetables that are not modified. They are grown using natural pest control remedies like neem leaves as opposed to using harmful toxic pesticides, artificial fertilizers or anything with harmful chemicals or toxins. The same applies to organic meat as well. Organic meat is the meat obtained from livestock that are raised without injecting growth hormones or antibiotics to make them grow quicker. Consumption of such whole foods helps in boosting our immunity and keeps diseases at bay.

Mentioned below are some of the reasons why organic food is far superior to non-organic food,

  1. Organic food boosts our body’s ability to fight viruses, bacteria, and most diseases. Due to the absence of chemicals in organic foods, you can avoid most types of cancers. This helps you stay healthy and have more strength and energy.
  2. Organic foods, in general, contain far superior nutritional value than their non-organic counterparts. These contain at least 50% more vitamins and minerals, as these are much healthier than their non-organic counterparts when harvested.i1123^cimgpsh_orig
  3. The use of Growth Hormones and antibiotics in raising livestock results in their presence in the meat extracted from them. These alter the maturity in young children, especially in young girls. This accelerated growth can cause various infirmities in humans like the development of lower density bones and even increase the risk of acquiring different forms of cancers. By ensuring that your child eats organic foods, you can be certain that they follow the natural course to maturity as intended by nature.
  4. Organic foods are considered to be low in fats. By adopting this as a staple diet, obesity can be avoided. It is a well-known fact that consumption of fatty foods increases the risk of heart diseases, stroke, and other life-threatening conditions. By consuming organic foods, all these conditions can be avoided as this helps in maintaining a healthy body weight.i1124^cimgpsh_orig
  5. Allergies are generally caused by the consumption of the antibiotics that are used in the cultivation of non-organic foods. These allergies can be avoided by consuming organic foods that have no traces of such dangerous chemicals.
  6. Organic foods are not just healthy; they taste better than their non-organic counterparts as well. With organic whole foods, you get the perfect flavor of the fruits and vegetables as nature intended, without any toxins ruining the flavor and taste.

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